Illustration by T.L.
Illustration by T.L.

Hi! My name is Gosha1 and I am a Russian-born, French-raised photographer, designer, and programmer living and working in London. I have been online since the mid-1990's, and have been working with the Web ever since then.

This website is intended as an online space for documenting and archiving various projects I'm involved with, as well as sharing exploration, research, and experiences accumulated along the way. You can read more about the technical details of the site in the Colophon.

For the last few years, I've been running A Possible Space, a tiny creative studio I've co-founded with my partner. Before that, among other things, I've been the CTO of product design agency AQ in Tokyo, and co-founded the civic tech startup Local Republic.

I welcome all kinds of collaborations.

If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting it via Ko-Fi. I appreciate it!

Contact: mail@gosha.net
Commissions: us@possible.space
Social: Mastodon, GitHub, CV.

  1. Gosha is a diminutive form of Gueorgui, which in turn is the Russian equivalent of the English name George. More about my name.


Select press

It’s Nice That, Fisheye Magazine, Plain Magazine, Format Magazine, CCT-SeeCity, Self Publish, Be Happy, Spoon & Tamago, The Leica Camera Blog, Flickr

Select exhibitions

  • Show RCA 2019
    Royal College of Art, London (2019)
  • Align
    Subject Matter, London (2019)
  • Portrait Salon 2018
    Peckham Levels, London (2018)
  • Offprint
    Tate Modern, London (2018)
  • Inhabitants
    Gallery Niépce, Tokyo (2016)
    Papier, Tokyo (2016)
  • Goodbye; Hello
    Gyoen ROSSO 198, Tokyo (2016)
  • PUNCTUM × Tokyo
    Gallery Place M, Tokyo (2016)