Now page update


Updated the Now page, archiving the contents below for posterity (stealing this idea from Piper Haywood).

Improving this website’s accessibility

I’ve been learning about accessibility and working to improve it on this website and making some slow progress. I’m posting updates on this Mastodon thread.


I love drawing but have largely abandoned it after starting university, for lack of time. I’m trying to pick it up again, with a first goal of filling up a small notebook. I’m also posting updates on Mastodon, in this thread.


Reading a lot of works by Ursula K. Le Guin recently. In particular:

  • The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction
  • The Left Hand of Darkness
  • Space Crone

The Left Hand of Darkness blew me away, and I much prefer it to The Dispossessed, which I had read last year. The essays have given me a lot to think about, and I have also very much enjoyed the style.