What I'm working on now

Updated on 2020/12/28

Still in lockdown

Like many people around the world, we're living in a state of lockdown. I'm keeping busy with work so far, and I usually work from home, so it is not a huge change for me, however I cannot deny that anxiety levels are hightened. Update at the end of December 2020: This is still the case and it's freaking me out a little bit how _well_ we're coping.

Building a little project

In an effort to move away from selling my time towards selling products, I'm trying my hand at building a little commercial product, that derives from a little hobby project I've built earlier this year. I hope to have a very simple first version in the first couple of months of 2021, and will share more then.

Back to the Mac

I got tired of fighting with both software and hardware in the Linux/PC world, so I went back to Apple. I have no regrets: I have learned a great deal about computing and tooling in general when I was using Linux, and a lot of this knowledge has carried over. Meanwhile, every day work and tasks are just much easier and smoother back on a Mac.

I do miss some things from Linux, such as tiling window managers, and I'm sure my Linux adventures are not over forever, but for now, I'm happy to be productive again.

Dreaming of travel

2020 has seen more than its fair share of cancelled trips, and I've been daydreaming poring over Lonely Planet guides recently. Among destinations I'm most eager to get to: Taiwan, Italy, and Scotland.