New project added: ASTROVOX

A screenshot of a software synthesiser running in a terminal window, and a software midi keyboard
A screenshot of ASTROVOX and a software MIDI controller

I’ve added a new project to the Projects section: ASTROVOX, an experimental software implementation of a polyphonic synthesiser.

This project began as an attempt to get some playfulness back into my programming life. My day job is in web development, so for this play project, I wanted to do something different. I chose a domain (sound generation) that I was wholly unfamiliar with, and a programming language (C) that I have not used since university, decades ago.

Because I approached this project as an absolute beginner, I did not have any expectations of a “good enough” outcome, and, somewhat paradoxically, I had a lot of fun working on it. By building everything from scratch, and being able to reason about the whole system, I got a sense of competency from working on ASTROVOX that is precious. And, expecting nothing, I built something that I actually enjoy using myself.

This is the first software project on this website, and I feel a bit shy talking about it publicly, but I think giving it some visibility would be helpful to encourage me to further improve it.

Take a look at the project page, and please get in touch with any comments!